Scottish Spirits Puts Whisky In A Can

Want to enjoy outdoor drinking without stooping to the default beer in can?  Petition your local vice purveyors to carry  this: Whisky in a Can.

Made by Panama-based Scottish Spirits, they literally package real scotch whisky into what would have otherwise been cans of fermented brew.  That way, you can finally enjoy straight whisky as comfortably as you enjoy your beer while watching a game in the park.

The Whisky in a Can comes in a conventional 330ml aluminum container, complete with a pull-out tab and all the convenience you can imagine a canned drink bringing.  Whether you want straight shots, mixed drinks or a quick sip, we can’t imagine whisky coming in a more comfortable packaging for outdoor use.

According to the company, it’s the perfect drink for sharing by up to three people — all without the obvious hassle of having to carry a heavy glass bottle around.  Being an entirely new concept in enjoying whisky, not everyone’s amused: the Scotch Whisky Association has stated that it will try to ban the cans for breaching international labeling rules and creating unnecessary confusion for customers.

Scottish Spirits has only released the canned whisky in its Caribbean and South American markets, so far.  We’re not sure how well this will pick up, but if they begin selling it in my neighborhood, it will likely become my new favorite six-pack.  Unless it tastes like shit, of course, in which case, all bets are off.  Okay, I’m just kidding — cheap and crappy have always been my ideal qualities in any drink.

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