Use These Scrabble Tile Lights To Brighten Up The Room With Your Favorite Words


Some people are good at Scrabble. Others suck at it. Some don’t really care much, they just want to use those tiles to spell out what they’re feeling. Now, you can do that with a decorative desk lamp using these Scrabble Tile Lights.

An accent lighting unit clad in the likeness of oversized Scrabble tiles, this lamp comes with individual tiles that can spell out any word up to seven letters, then light it up such that it’s impossible to ignore your message. Whether you want to spell out your name because you’re a blatant narcissist, your lonely feelings because your girlfriend dumped you two days before your birthday, or your favorite song whose title happens to be seven letters or less, this thing lets you illuminate the space while leaving a brief message to whoever wanders in.


The Scrabble Tile Lights is, basically, an oversized Scrabble rack with seven light-up tiles, each of which is blank, so you can just show it off as blank tiles if that’s what you’re into. A set of 60 stickers come printed with letters and their corresponding values, which you can then peel off and slap onto the tiles to spell out any word you want. Each sticker is reusable, by the way, so you can set a previously-used letter aside for later after changing the word that’s spelled out on the rack.


Each tile is fitted with individual LEDs, so each one glows with the same soft light no matter where you place them on the rack. Do note, the tiles will need to be on the rack in order to light up, since the bottom of each tile needs to come in contact with the rack surface in order to draw any power. That means, there’s no battery on each tile, so you can’t quite lay them out in a messy pile and still get your accent lighting.


Available now, the Scrabble Tile Lights is priced at £29.99.

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