This Shower Curtain Comes With Pockets So You Can Use Your Phone In The Shower


Being so addicted to your phone that you need to have it within reach when you’re in the shower probably isn’t healthy. Regardless, that’s the situation many of us find ourselves in these days, especially when we’re waiting for an important phone call, email, or notification.  The Screenholder Shower Curtain makes sure your phone isn’t damaged any time you decide to do just that.

A shower curtain with integrated pockets, it lets you bring your phones and tablets right there with you in the shower, so you can interact with your devices even while you’re cleaning up in the morning. Whether you want to read the news, monitor your game, or watch a movie while lathering and rinsing, this thing lets you do that without putting your electronics at the risk of water damage.


The Screenholder Shower Curtain comes with four portrait phone pockets, six landscape phone pockets, three portrait tablet pockets, and four landscape tablet pockets, so you can set up for phone at the exact orientation you need. No, they don’t expect you to fill all the pockets with devices. Instead, the pockets are set at different heights, so you can find the most ideal placement, depending on how tall you are, making it suitable for everyone from small kids to tall adults. All pockets are situated outside the shower, so unless water bursts from the pipes at the ceiling, there should be zero chance of getting your devices wet.

The part facing the shower is fully-conductive, so you can interact with your touchscreens without any problems, allowing you to control music playback, search for movies, and even play games while inside the shower. Heck, you can even take naked selfies of yourself covered in lather if you’re into that. We know, that’s probably a bad idea, but who hasn’t done something really stupid since technology made getting into compromising situations just so easy?


The Screenholder Shower Curtain is made from a high-quality EVA material that’s anti-microbial, odorless, and mold-resistant. According to the outfit, the material is extra-thick, so it should hold up to years of use, all while resisting billowing due to its hefty build. It also comes with strong reinforced hem and rust-free metal grommets, so this thing comes with solid construction all around. It measures 72 x 72 inches, by the way, so it should fit in most standard showers.


The phone pockets should fit any size of modern smartphone even with a case wrapped around it and the same goes for the tablet pockets. Do note, none of the tablet pockets will fit the Apple iPad Pro and similar oversized slates (it will probably fit the smaller iPad Pro, though), as this was designed with standard  tablets in mind. The pockets, by the way, should make a handy storage for cheat sheets, so you can slip them on there when you need to review for an exam or want to memorize a speech you plan to give at the company function.

Want one? The Screenholder Shower Curtain is available now.

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