ScubaPro Galileo HUD Puts A Dive Computer On Your Mask So You’re Always Informed


Dive computers are great, as they keep you informed about the important details of each dive, allowing you to execute them safely from the first moment you hit the water all the way to your eventual ascent. If you want to avoid accidents in the water, they’re downright indispensable. Problem is, they’re on your wrist, requiring you to avert your glance just to check how you’re doing. The ScubaPro Galileo HUD changes that.

A HUD-based dive computer, the device mounts directly to your mask, putting all pertinent information within your sights at all times. Whether you want to check the current depth, water temperature, or how much time you have to ascend before you die, this thing gives you full-time access to the information, regardless of what you’re looking at.


The ScubaPro Galileo HUD has a floating screen made with precision near-eye optics that puts all the dive information right in your face, all while appearing as if it’s displayed from a distance of approximately one meter away. It uses a full-color OLED panel with 96 x 64 resolution that produces vibrant colors to enable readability in the low-light conditions you’re going to encounter underwater. That display can be tilted up for those times you don’t want the added distraction, while a single push-and-twist knob control allows you to operate it without having to deal with a gaggle of buttons.

Four operating modes are available (SCUBA, gauge, apnea, and CCR), with multiple screen layout options, allowing you to get exactly the kind of data you require for the kind of diving you’re engaging in. Available data include current depth, maximum depth reached, dive time, no stop time, remaining bottom time, compass bearing, current gas mix, descent/ascent speed, altimeter, and GPS. You can also get real-time air tank pressure readings if you get an optional wireless transmitter for the regulator, which should allow it to make even more precise calculations as to how much time you have left before you need to start ascending.


The ScubaPro Galileo HUD neutrally buoyant, so it shouldn’t affect your performance during dives, all while working properly in depths of up to 394 feet, so you should be able to use it in most of your diving adventures. It has a rechargeable battery that provides up to 20 hours of dive time between charges, although expect a bit less if you plan to engage all available sensors at all times, as well as 2GB of onboard storage that can hold around 10,000 hours of dive profiles. All data on that storage can be synced over Bluetooth or USB to the companion app, which is available on both PCs and mobile devices.


Each dive computer comes with a mount that’s designed to attach to a number of Scubapro’s own dive masks. We’re not sure if it’s compatible with masks from other brands at all, so prepare to invest in a new one from the outfit, in case you’re planning to pick up this dive computer.

The ScubaPro Galileo HUD is available now, priced at $1,699.

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