Sculpteo Turns Your Photos Into Customized 3D Minifig

Ever wished you can have a miniature statuette of your boss that you can slap around every time you get frustrated at work?  Now you can with Sculpteo, a 3D printing service that will fashion vanity minifigs based on two pictures you send in.

When you order, you need to upload two photographs, one face-on and one profile, along with some text specifying things you want to see in your plastic figurine (like if you want to be half-naked with washboard abs).  The outfit’s artists will then proceed to make a computer rendering, which they’ll send your way for approval.  Once you come to an agreement, you wait ten days to receive your customized minifig to do with as you please.

Sculpteo allows you to pick between two sizes of figurines — 2.7 inches or 3.9 inches.  As you can tell from the photo above, the resulting statuettes look startlingly accurate, albeit, a little creepy.  It’s like having you Xbox Live avatar come to life or something.

Obviously, this will make for excellent personalized gifts for Christmas, apart from allowing you to finally have easily-identifiable figurines of practically anyone you want.  Like your wife, your kids or anyone whose picture you can easily download off Facebook, for that matter.

Prices for Sculpteo’s vanity minifigs are fixed at €60 (around $80) for the 2.7-inch version and €80 (around $105) for the slightly bigger one.  You should check out the site to see a gallery of previous minifigs they’ve done, which include everything from people to robots to various inanimate objects sculpted into…uhhh…miniature inanimate objects.