Keep Your Car Seat Clean Even When You’re Dirty With The Scuvvers Deployable Covers

Nobody wants dirty car seats. They’re not the easiest things to clean, after all. That’s why, after spending a day getting covered in sweat, grime, and other muck, people can be a little reluctant to get in their car without cleaning up. The Scuvvers gives you a cover that you can quickly roll out at will to keep you from dirtying up the car seat.

Why not just a regular seat cover? Standard seat covers take longer to install, while this thing can deploy in literal seconds and fold back up in around the same time. Plus, most car seat covers don’t exactly look nice compared to the standard upholstery on your car, so we doubt you’ll want a semi-permanent seat cover in there for long periods.

The Scuvvers consists of a harness and a piece of fabric designed to cover the entire front section of the car seat. To use, simply put the harness on the headrest and unroll the fabric completely. Once you’re done, you just roll it back up and hide it behind the headrest, where it can sit out of the way. You can also take the whole thing off and just stash it in the glove compartment. Yes, the whole thing is small enough to fit in there comfortably, which is not something you can say about standard covers for car seats.

The fabric cover is made from recycled polyester, with each one using up around 35 PET bottles apiece, while a mix of 300D and 600D threads ensures it’s durable enough to handle regular use. It’s water-resistant, of course, so any moisture can just roll off if you plop down on it dripping in sweat. Like other seat covers, it has a non-slip backing to keep it from getting out of place. Instead of PVC like other products use, though, this one has a backing cut in silicone, which, the outfit claims, should ensure it will last much longer.

The Scuvvers can be removed from the harness and simply hosed down for cleaning, although you can also throw it in the washer if it gets a little too mucked up (just don’t put it in the dryer). These are designed to be universal, too, with a harness that can be adjusted to fit any headrest and a cover large enough to fully blanket any car seat. What happens if your car seats don’t have a headrest? Well, you can’t install it, as there’s no way other way to mount it other than harness.

If you use a child for one or more of your kids, they also make an ISOFIX-compatible version, so you can roll out a cover even with the kiddie seats installed. Other features include microsuede panels right where you rest your head, Velcro patches to hold the cover in place when its rolled up, and a hanging loop to make it easier to dry it when cleaning.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Scuvvers. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at around $55.

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