Sea-Doo Fish Pro: Finally, Someone Made A Jetski For Anglers


There’s no shortage of personal watercrafts (PWC) in the market, whether you want to explore the waters, race with friends, or show off fancy tricks to impress girls at the beach. What appears to be missing are jet skis that you can use for fishing. That changes with the Sea-Doo Fish Pro.

Designed with anglers in mind, the PWC boasts “unmatched stability” when resting on water, allowing you maintain stability while standing on two feet, so you can posture up in a manner that’s ideal for angling. Yes, it does that, partly, by being much bigger than your standard jet ski, but it still maintains a size that looks agile enough for proper mobility on the water.


The Sea-Doo Fish Pro is a three-person PWC, so you can bring a buddy or two along to your angling adventures, with a hull that’s stable enough to let you stand comfortably directly from riding position, so you can immediately start casting as soon as you stop in your preferred fishing spot. That same saddle, by the way, can serve as a comfortable bench when you sit on it sideways, making it an ideal place to plop down when waiting for fish to start tugging on your line, while angled footrests on the sides of the watercraft make sitting on the bench even more convenient, allowing you to comfortably rest your feet.

A built-in 13.5-gallon cooler has been pre-mounted behind the saddle, ensuring you have proper storage for all the fish you catch, complete with a recessed work surface (if you want to clean the fish after you catch them), four rod holders around it, trolling slots, and even dedicated storage space for bait and tackle. The cooler, by the way, is secured onto the vehicle via a pair of LinQ attachment points, with additional attachment points in the rear available for extra accessories, such as fuel caddies, so you can stay in the water for longer.


The Sea-Doo Fish Pro comes with nine pre-set slow speeds that you can engage when trolling in the water, so you can let go of the throttle and focus on the steering. In addition to the 7.6-inch main display, it comes with a six-inch screen equipped with Garmin’s ECHOMAP Plus 62cv Fish Finder, a popular tool for navigation, charting, and fish-finding, ensuring you always have competent intel when making your way around the water.


Plenty of storage room is housed beneath the saddle, giving you a place for storing water bottles, snacks, and even tackle boxes, complete with dividers that you can remove if you’d rather have one large space for storage. Also under the saddle sits a watertight box sized to hold a phone, complete with a powered USB port, so you can charge your handset while you stash it there. Other features include a boarding ladder, a weight capacity of 600 pounds, 1494cc Rotax 1503 NA engine, a swim platform in the back, and a tow hook.

Want one? Pricing for the Sea-Doo Fish Pro starts at $14,799.

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