Sea Squirts Buoyancy Vest Doubles As Fish Costume

Life vests specially when it comes to children are very important but no fun also.   And when something’s no fun to wear, your kid will likely take it off as soon as you turn your back.  Sea Squirts’ buoyancy vests are specially-designed to double as sea creature costumes, allowing kids to roleplay as Jaws, Nemo or this shark-like submersible while wearing them in the water.

The vests come in two variants: a swim-assist vest and a life jacket.  The former is specially-designed as a swimming aid and fitted with three floatation panels that can be removed through Velcro openings in the back (the better the kid gets at swimming, the more panels you can take out).   The latter is a certified United Type III Personal Flotation Device that is supposedly shipshape enough to qualify for a jet ski and wakeboarding vest.

What makes Sea Squirts’ products special, though, are the designs.  The durable neoprene outer is decked in colors and styling that make each vest look like a sea creature — either a killer whale, a blue dolphin, a great white shark, a clownfish, an angelfish or a pink dolphin.

All the jackets come with a shark-style fin that keeps your kids easily visible even when they’re swimming.  It can fold flat on the back, too, so they can keep the vest on even when sitting or lying down.  Sturdy and flexible, the fins are also be easy to grip, allowing you to grab it in case the child winds up in an emergency situation.

Both the Sea Squirts life jacket and swim-assist vest are available now, priced at $69.95 and $59.95, respectively.

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