Seakart 335 Is A Five-Person Boat That You Drive Like A Jet Ski


Jet skis are fun, but the fact that they can only fit two people at most leave them very limited as a recreational ride. Wouldn’t you rather be riding something that will let you take the entire family out in the water? That’s what the Seakart 335 brings to your beach adventures.

Billed as a hybrid ride that combines elements from jet skis and small boats, the watercraft exhibits the performance and operability of the former with the size and safety of the latter, turning out a ride that exhibit the best aspects of each of those categories. Whether you’re enjoying summer vacation with the family or a weekend party with friends, this thing lets you take to the water with a small group of people in tow.


The Seakart 335 can comfortably accommodate up to five people (including the driver), so a small family or group of friends can go from beach to beach on just a single watercraft. Designed to be even easier to operate than a jet ski, it comes with both a steering wheel and side mirrors, so you can drive it using the same familiar instincts you rely on when operating a car. The dashboard, by the way, has a speedometer, an RPM gauge, and a fuel gauge to keep you well-informed of the watercraft’s conditions, while the paddle accelerator sits behind the steering wheel for easy throttle access. No word on top speed, but with one of Yamaha’s PWC engines onboard, we imagine this thing can slice through the water at a satisfying pace.

A precisely-shaped fiberglass hull and inflatable sides provide all the stability you require in the water, so you can glide through the seas at high speeds while grappling with your drunk girlfriend who’s trying to beat you up without worrying about flipping over. Or something like that. According to the outfit, it’s suitable for use no matter the water conditions, so you can enjoy a romp through the water whether the water is rough or calm. Do note, this is strictly a category C watercraft, so keep your driving inshore to make sure the boat can shrug off anything the seas can throw its way.


The Seakart 335 comes with under-seat storage for holding any cargo you want to bring along, as well as removable upholstered seats to make them easy to clean. Drains on the deck ensure water doesn’t pool around your feet, while a bathing ladder makes it easy to climb back to the watercraft after diving in the water. Want even more creature comforts? There are plenty of options available, including deck lights, underwater lights, VHF radio, and an MP3 player, as well as visual upgrades, such as custom colorways, custom upholstery and a fancier dashboard inlay. You can even request to have various parts made using carbon fiber to further cut some of the weight, in case you feel like maximizing the ride’s speed potential.


No pricing is listed, but you can learn more about the Seakart 335 from the official website.

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