Sealegs Speedboat, An Amphibious Rescue Vehicle

Boats are meant to run on water.  Unless you put wheels on it, at which point, it might be able to double as a land vehicle.  That’s exactly what they did with the Sealegs Speedboat, a commercial water vessel with a retractable all-wheel drive for use out of the water.

Billed as the first commercial vehicle of its kind, the amphibious watercraft is being marketed as a better rescue boat.  Not only can it traverse bodies of water at high speeds, after all, the wheeled configuration allows it to crawl right out to shore and into even the toughest terrain.

The Sealegs Speedboat comes in various sizes, with the largest model measuring 23.6 feet and packing ample space for up to eight adults.  At sea, a 150-horsepower outboard motor propels the boat to a top speed of 48 mph; on land, each wheel runs on its own hydraulic motor, crawling at a pace of 6 mph.  Features include hydraulic cylinders that raise and lower all wheels, 25-inch balloon tires, a V-shaped aluminum hull, 6-chamber inflatable tubes, integrated seating with under-seat storage, an 80-liter fuel tank, navigation lights and an anti-slip deck thread.

Being a rigid inflatable boat that can land and launch anywhere, this is obviously interesting even for recreational uses.  Imagine taking a spin in the lake, crawling back up to land and parking right next to the tent, all without having to leave your comfy seat.  Convenient.

Some military and rescue organizations are already using the Sealegs Speedboat in their operations.  No word on commercial pricing, but you can inquire directly with the company to get a quote or find a local dealer.

[Sealegs via PopSci]