SealLine Urban Backpack Brings River Technology To Your City Gear


Do you live in a rainy part of the world?  Or maybe someplace like Seattle? That can prove a harrowing experience for any stuff you carry around, from books to notes to small electronics.  The SealLine Urban Backpack should prove indispensable in your situation, offering an easy-to-access backpack that’s 100% watertight.

Creator SealLine claims that their water-safe bag uses the same technology that’s employed for bags used in canoeing and kayaking, ensuring the highest form of protection for your carry-on items.  Adapted for urban types, it comes with pleasant looks that should make it a stylish part of your regular commute.


Built with RF-welded, PVC-free and dual-coated nylon fabric, the Urban Backpack offers plenty of durability to survive daily use.  It has a molded waterproof back panel and belt loop, for utmost comfort while you lug your stuff around.  A lone external pocket is also available, which lets you add modular storage via SealLine’s MAP solutions.  The centerpiece, however, is the brilliant QuickClip, which lets you fold down the bag to close, while maintaining both easy access and water protection.

Want to brave the rain the next time it pours?  Waiting for the polar ice caps to melt and flood the world?  Like to bathe with a backpack, for some reason?  No problem with a bag like this in tow.  You can even haul it with you the next time you’re fishing or dumping a dead body (sorry, I watch too much Law and Order) in the river.

The SealLine Urban Backpack is available in two sizes and a variety of colors.  Price is between $110 to $120.  Do note it only has one compartment, though, so you may want to consider getting a backpack organizer to keep it a little more tidy in there.

[Back Country via Gear Patrol]