Libation Station Is A Wall-Mounted Mini-Bar For Space-Starved Apartments


Everybody needs a mini-bar, but not every home has the space to accommodate one. The Libation Station is a wall shelf that can serve the function of a mini-bar, providing a handy space to stash all your refreshments and barware.

Made by Sean Woolsey Studio, the shelf is designed specifically for use as a home bar, with shelves custom-sized to accommodate bottles, bar tools, and supplies. It’s quite the looker, too, with its round shapely profile, ensuring your mini-bar addition won’t ruin any of the wife’s décor (it probably will, but not so much that she’ll go ballistic).


The Libation Station has room for around 25 liquor battles on its tall shelves, with lower shelving that can handle around 20 wine bottles stored on its side. That’s on top, of course, of all your other paraphernalia, so you can have a well-stocked mini-bar without having to use up a large amount of space. Since a mini-bar is useless if you have to go to the kitchen to prepare drinks, it comes with a slide-out wooden tray that you can use when mixing drinks, slicing limes, or stirring a freshly-poured cocktail.

Dimensions are 36 x 12 inches (diameter x depth), so this will stick out of wall in a rather obtrusive manner. As such, make sure to put it in a seldom-used space of the house. Construction is powder-coated high-grade aluminum.

Available now, the Libation Station is priced at $1,250.

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