Seated Sled Board Glides Like A Snowboard, Rides Like A Sled

Want to snowboard, but can’t find the balance to slide downhill in an upright position?  Not a problem with the Seated Sled Board, a snowboard that replaces the boot bindings with a stool for your sitting convenience.

A cross between two popular winter recreational options, the rig combines the experience of riding a snowboard, with the relative accessibility of sleds.  With this thing, you don’t need to risk injury learning to actually free-ride down a terrain — just sit back, enjoy the slide and occasionally fall over softly.

So why not just get a sled?  According to the product page, snowboards offer a “feel” of the terrain that you just can’t recreate with a sled.  The Seated Sled Board, on the other hand, is designed to deliver a similar experience, all while removing the unstable riding position.  In its place is a comfy stance at a low center of gravity that allows you to brake by simply digging your boots through the ice.

The snow-gliding board measures 38 x 10.5 inches, with the seat raised at 13 inches off the ground.  Granted, that sounds like an uncomfortable position for taller people.  We doubt it’s more uncomfortable than spending the night with a broken arm, though.  It’s made from high-impact polypropylene, with anti-skid channels to keep the board from veering.

If you ever wanted to tell your friends you went snowboarding but are such a terrible liar, the Seated Sled Board might be your chance to fib with a straight face.  I mean, it is a snowboard with a stool on top — a detail you can conveniently leave out.  It’s available now for $49.95.

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