Use SeatRack To Carry Surfboards, Ladders, And More Inside Your SUV


While long equipment and supplies can, theoretically, fit inside an SUV, it’s still a bad idea unless you’re willing to risk damage to the headrests and backrests on the seats of your car. That’s why most people transport surfboards, ladders, and building supplies using a roof rack instead. If you still prefer the sheltered confines of the car cabin to ferry your equipment but don’t want to damage the interior, then make sure you do it with the SeatRack installed.

Consisting of two brackets that slot into the passenger and rear passenger headrest slots, it gives you a convenient place to set down cargo. Just tie the objects down to the brackets to make sure they don’t move around and you’re good to go  – with your supplies safely inside the vehicle without having it touch any part of the interior.


The SeatRack, basically, replaces the headrests on the right side of the car, with integrated 54-inch hold-down straps that pull out from the ends, so you can easily secure the cargo. It can support weights of up to 50 pounds, making it ideal for lightweight building supplies and recreational gear. Each set includes two protective covers that you use to keep the bracket surfaces from touching any sensitive materials you’re transporting.


Is it safe? Obviously, we can’t tell until we use one, although the straps do look like they can cinch pretty securely, so just make sure you tie it down tight and don’t do any sudden braking to be sure.


Available now, the SeatRack is priced at $129.95.

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