Seaventures Dive Resort Is An Oil Rig Repurposed Into A Hotel

If I told you your next diving holiday will be spent inside an oil rig, you’d probably be up in arms in protest.  That’s until you find out it’s going to be at Seaventures Dive Resort, a 25-room hotel built from a repurposed offshore oil-drilling platform.

Located in the Celebes Sea, you’ll need to take a flight from wherever you are to Kuala Lumpur, a local flight, an hour’s drive to Semporna and another hour on a boat ride to get there.  While the trip may be long, the adventure that awaits should make all those hours of sitting on your ass worth it.

At Seaventures, the ocean is the star attraction.  The rig’s elevator will take you down the water, where coral reefs abound at just a few feet below the surface.  Highlights of what you can experience include steep underwater cliffs (around 180 feet) and a wide array of marine life, including diver-friendly barracudas and sharks.  The rig itself is only minutes away from major dive sites, such as Sipadan, Mabul and Kapalai, making it a perfect starting point for experiencing what the area has to offer in marine adventures.

While the rooms are small (they were repurposed from an oil rig, after all), they do offer all the basic amenities, including Wi-Fi access for all guests.  Plus, they have a sun deck for lounging out of the water and, according to the resort, some of the best food in the area (do note that they’re in the middle of the ocean, so competition might not be so stiff).

Seaventures Dive Resort’s three-day and two-night scuba diving package  retail for $516 per person.  This includes room (double occupancy), meals, transfers, equipment rental and at least three dives per day.  You can check the rest of the offerings from their website.

[Seaventures via WSJ]