Wear A Hidden World On Your Finger With These Secret Wood Rings


Imagine if you had a ring that was actually a window to another world. And that world was uninhabited, but came filled with a gorgeous landscape. Well, we’re guessing that ring will look a lot like these Secret Wood Rings.

That’s because these rings come with elaborately ornate tops that are fashioned to look like different types of natural terrain. Some look like forests, some look like mountain ranges, and others look like the kind of alien terrain you only see in science-fiction movies, allowing you to adorn your fingers in something that’s truly unique.


The Secret Wood Rings use wood for the actual ring, with the hidden terrain manually carved out of the top section. It’s then topped with transparent jewelry resin (in a shade that usually matches the color of the wood used), essentially encasing the terrain, so it looks like a mini-terrarium on your finger. We know, it would have been better if you can get the rings with tiny alien lifeforms actually living inside the enclosed environment, but we don’t think that’s a viable option at this point in our technological progress.


Oh yeah, since the rings are made from wood, they caution against soaking it in water. It’s fine to get wet, but extended exposure (like wearing it when swimming) could end up ruining it over time.

Available now, the Secret Wood Rings are priced at $180.

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