Seer Perfecta Grill Uses AI To Cook Steaks, Burgers, And More All On Its Own From Start To Finish

Over the years, we’ve seen plenty of devices that seek to make cooking as easy an activity as possible by integrating recipes, guided cooking instructions, and automatically adjusting heat levels during cooking. Suffice to say, they’ve been automating as much of the cooking process as technology will allow. If you like to enjoy your meals partaking in grilled dishes, you can enjoy the same automated cooking with the Seer Perfect Grill.

Billed as “the world’s first AI-powered grill,” the device uses an onboard AI to determine how to cook the food you put inside the main chamber, adjusting the temperature, time, and food’s proximity to the heat source on its own. Seriously, all you need to do is marinate the food, place it on the rack, and put in the details on the grill (e.g. desired wellness, searing level, and more), then the device will handle all the cooking by itself.

The Seer Perfecta Grill doesn’t look like your typical barbecue machine. In fact, it looks more like an indoor oven than a grill, but that’s because it does things different than your typical backyard fare. For instance, there’s no horizontal grates where you can lay down steaks, sausages, and other meats. Instead, you get a vertical rack that holds the meat on two sides like a grill cage, so your food item stands upright the whole time it’s cooking.

Instead of using charcoal, pellets, or even gas for fuel, this grill uses infrared burners on the left and right sides that, the outfit claims, can create temperatures of up to 1,652 degrees Fahrenheit inside the cooking chamber. According to the outfit, this ability to heat food from two sides at once allows it to grill much faster than traditional grills, enabling it to cook steaks in 105 seconds, chicken in 150 seconds, and burgers in just 90 seconds. Even better, at no point do you need to turn the food over like you have to do with standard grills.

The Seer Perfecta Grill can detect the thickness of meats that you put inside the cooking chamber, which it uses to determine the temperature and the length of time each dish needs to properly cook. In its current form, the onboard AI can recognize up to 50 different types of food items, then make the necessary adjustments accordingly, with an onboard display allowing you to easily see the time remaining for whatever dishes you currently have cooking. According to the outfit, the grill uses a mix of electricity and propane for cooking.

The vertical cooking orientation obviously limits the amount of food it can fit at the same time, so while it cooks fast, you will probably have to do it in several batches. From what we can tell, the vertical cage can fit around six standard-sized burger patties, which still isn’t bad, especially if you’re cooking for a small family. Aside from the vertical cage, the grill also comes with other accessories that you can use for other types of cooking. There is, for instance, a standard horizontal rack for cooking pizzas and other standard oven dishes, as well as a rotisserie accessory for roasts.

The Seer Perfecta Grill is still under development, but interested individuals can put a $100 deposit to guarantee early access. Estimated price for early access customers is $2,499.

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