SegSac Puts Dividers Inside A Stuff Sack For Organizing Your Gear Even Better


Stuff sacks are great for organizing your gear, food, and supplies during multi-day camping trips, allowing you to separate the clothes from the fishing supplies to anything else you’re packing for the trip. These SegSacs, though, take the organization even further, putting dividers inside each sack for internally organizing all their contents.

Instead of having a change of clothes all mixed in one sack, you can further separate your shirts, pants, and underwear into separate sections, making it easier and faster to retrieve any specific garment. Same with all the food items you’re keeping in the same sack, with the dividers allowing you to keep the protein bars, beef jerky chips, and coffee packets into their own designated slots.


The SegSac is an erstwhile regular stuff sack, with a drawstring closure, lightweight fabric construction, and waterproof treatment. Inside, though, the storage space is divided into four equally-sized compartments, so you can keep your stash conveniently separated. Each of the dividers are permanently sewn onto the bottom and sides of the bag, so items cannot slide between sections while you go about your way (no more dirty, smelly undergarments mixed in with your clean threads).   Other features include reinforced seams, optional compression straps (for those times you’re really tight on space), and a nylon handle in the back of the sack for easily pulling it out of your backpack. It comes in two sizes, 15 and 20 liters.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the SegSac. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $16.

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