Segway SuperScooter GT2 Hits Top Speeds Of 43.5MPH

Remember when the original Segway was supposed to be the future of personal mobility? Yeah, that was a long time ago. Nowadays, Segway doesn’t even make that standing scooter anymore. Instead, the brand is focused on all the other transport designs that followed in its wake, from hoverboards and e-skates to single-wheel transports and electric scooters. So far, electric scooters appear to be the most promising of the bunch, as it’s already widely used in major cities worldwide as an actual transportation option. With a number of utilitarian models already in their lineup, the outfit is looking to focus on more recreational riding with the new Segway SuperScooter GT2.

By recreational riding, of course, we mean riding really fast. How fast? Fast enough that we, honestly, don’t know how legal this is going to be where you live. Then again, there are already a number of high-speed electric scooters in the wild and people have been riding them all around, so we guess you should be able to get away taking this around your city for the most part.

The Segway SuperScooter GT2 is equipped with dual 1,500-watt electric motors, which give the machine enough muscle to go from standstill to 30 mph in just 3.9 seconds while hitting top speeds of 43.5 mph. That’s right, this thing runs as fast as some mopeds. Juice is fed to the motors via a 1,512 Wh battery that gives it a range of 55.9 miles, which should be enough for most people’s daily commutes with plenty of stops in between. Granted, it’s not likely to cover that amount of miles if you constantly push it run at top speed, but it should still get you to plenty of places without having to pay a premium for gas.

The battery comes with a multi-layer cooling system, ensuring you’re never in danger of overheating even during long, sustained rides, while an advanced BMS system with 10 protection functions ensure the longevity of the battery cells, so you can keep using your scooter without replacing the batteries for a long time.

The Segway SuperScooter GT2 uses a double-wishbone suspension out front and a trailing-arm suspension in the rear, with 15 levels of hydraulic shocks on each end allowing for a smooth ride even on imperfect city roads, while front and rear hydraulic brakes with double pistons and 5.5-inch ventilation discs provide serious stopping power as soon as you need it. It uses large 11-inch tubeless tires that will let you glide across city terrains, while the all-new dynamic traction control system allows automatic torque adjustment between the two motors to increase traction when riding on rough trails and slippery roads.

Construction is aviation-grade aluminum alloy for the frame, making this strong enough to support payloads of up to 330 pounds, while the long wheelbase, wide foot deck, and low center of gravity offers exceptional stability even when you’re cranking the throttle. Features include six riding modes (including Boost for maximizing speed), a 900-lumen LED front light, daytime running lights, turning signal lights both front and rear, and a a transparent OLED on the handlebar showing ride information.

An Indiegogo campaign is currently running for the Segway SuperScooter GT2. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $3,499.

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