Segway X2 For The Golf Lovers In Your Life

Not feeling riding the golf cart today?  How about hitting the course on the Segway x2 Golf, a golf-specific version of the popular personal transporter.

Unlike the regular versions of the two-wheeled mobility device, this model isn’t likely to give you the best performance on sidewalks and pedestrian walkways.  Instead, it’s specifically calibrated to get you breezing over greens and fairways even faster than bulky golf carts due to its better maneuverability.  Plus, it’s only half as geeky-looking as the Marty’s Foldable Cart.

The Segway X2 Golf feature a wider track and a higher clearance than regular Segways, allowing for better stability over the curves and sweeps of your favorite golf courses.  It also trades in the city rubber for deeply-treaded all-terrain tires for conquering dirt, sand, gravel and other unusual riding surfaces.  You can hit the greens at max speeds of 12 mph and an estimated range of 36 holes (14 miles).

All the usual Segway features come onboard, including the adjustable steering frame, a gaggle of light-up indicators to keep you informed about how the ride is doing, and the unmistakably geeky riding aesthetic Steve Wozniak can’t live without.    Since it’s designed as a replacement for golf carts, the assembly includes a golf bag carrier attachment and a scorecard holder.  Now, if only they can add a fitting for a Fanbrella in there, I’ll be happy.

Marketed to golf courses and resorts rather than to individual customers, the Segway X2 Golf is currently available only in the UK, with prices starting at $8,000.