Seiko Pyramid Clock Brings 80s PyramidTalk Into The 21st Century


Miss the ’80s that much?  Here’s another throwback to help you relive your favorite decade – a 21st century version of Seiko’s PyramidTalk (which was all the rage back in 1984) called the Seiko Pyramid Clock.  Yay!

A relic that came to life during the same decade that spawned Cyndi Lauper and Rick Astley, it holds the distinction of being the first talking quartz clock ever produced.  Its newest iteration retains both the quirky looks and useful functions, along with a few more modern updates.

The Seiko Pyramid Clock measures 8 cm tall with a 10 cm base and weighs 260 grams.  Like the original, the apex is actually a button that you can press to listen to the time, which is accompanied by the surrounding blue LED lighting up.  Press it twice and you’ll get the whole enchilada – date, temperature, humidity and a forecast of your future.  The last thing isn’t true, by the way, but wouldn’t it be awesome?  I mean, it’s a pyramid and all.

It mouths off in both English and Japanese, so if you can read this, you can understand what it’s saying.  Here’s to hoping the voice they used has a goofy Japanese accent.  Nothing beats waking up to broken English pronunciations first thing in the morning, after all.

Unfortunately, the Seiko Pyramid Clock appears to be a special holiday run and is available strictly in Japan, so scoring one for your 80s-inspired bedroom (with matching Spandau Ballet posters) won’t be easy.  It comes in either gold or white, priced at the equivalent of $120.

[Seiko via Crunchgear]