Self-Stirring Pot Lets You Leave The Stew Alone

When you’re making a large meal, things can get crazy really fast.  Before you know it, you’ve forgotten all about that stew cooking in the corner, leaving some of the vegetables burned and caked on the bottom of the pot.   With this Self-Stirring Electric Pot, that won’t happen.

Armed with a built-in spatula at the base, the pot automatically does the stirring part all on its own.  Just leave the dish on there with all the ingredients thrown in and come back when it’s done.   It can be set to stir non-stop (for when you’re making fried rice or a thick sauce) or intermittently (when you’re boiling pasta or cooking soup), so you can put it to use for a variety of dish preparations.

The Self-Stirring Pot is an electric cooking appliance that includes both the actual pot and the heating mechanism.  It can be used to sauté, sear, braise, boil or simmer food, with temperature easily adjustable from 200º F to 375º F.

The appliance measures 12 x 9 x 10.5 inches, with the cooking area able to hold 3.25 quarts of grub.  The pot, made from cast aluminum (for even heat distribution) with a non-stick interior surface, and all accompanying cooking parts are removable for cleaning.

With the Self-Stirring Electric Pot, you can dump the food in the pot, watch TV (or, heck, lounge in your kingly bathroom throne) and come back when it’s done.  That’s certainly more convenient than walking back to the kitchen over and over.  It’s available now, priced at $99.95.

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