Toasted Selfies Toaster: Put Your Face On A Toast So You Can Eat It

Want everyone in the office to know you by face?  Replace the toaster in the pantry with one of these Toasted Selfies and you’ll be the most popular person at work in no time.   Hello, promotion.

Unlike that puny radio toaster currently sitting in the counter, this custom-built model will imprint your face on every single slice of bread that pops out of its slot.  That way, everyone who dares have breakfast in the office will have no choice but to look at your mug every time they take a bite out of their morning carbs.

Made by Vermont Novelty Toast Corp., each Toasted Selfies Toaster comes fitted with customized plates that ensure your face is successfully imprinted on every slice of toast it serves up.  Anyone ordering simply needs to upload a selfie (the bigger, the better) and they’ll take care of everything else.  Each image will first be manipulated to ensure the face can be imprinted clearly on a slice of bread.  Once that’s done, it’s converted into a format that the plasma cutter can process, after which they produce the actual custom plate.  The toasters are available in five different colors.

Company founder Charles Dively recommends white bread for the best imprint, although results will vary depending on the plate detail and the type of bread you use.  If your selfie has plenty of details, he recommends toasting the finest-grain breads you can find for best results.

Pricing for each of Toasted Selfies custom toasters is $75.

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