Selk’bag’s New Wearable Sleeping Bags Come In Full Star Wars Regalia


Remember Selk’bag’s line-up of wearable sleeping bags based on Marvel superheroes? That was awesome. If your fandom leans more towards space adventures in fictional galaxies, however, we’re guessing you’ll love the new Star Wars by Selk’bag line so much better.

Like other sleeping bags from the outfit, these ones are built like padded pajamas, so you can walk in them, lounge in them, and even go to sleep on cold, hard floors in them. Whether for staying toasty while camping in the spring or lounging around the house during the colder months, these things let you do that while decked in full Star Wars regalia.


The Selk’bag Star Wars come in four detailed designs: Chewbacca, Rebel Pilot, Darth Vader, and a Stormtrooper. Designed to dress you up head to toe, it comes complete with a hood and a durable nylon bootie, with the latter able to removed, in case you’d rather slip on a proper pair of shoes. Construction is soft polyester for the shell with DWR coating for water resistance, although it’s only rated to keep you warm at 40-degree Fahrenheit temperatures, so you’ll probably want to layer up if you’re using this in the winter.


Features include elastic hand openings, a single full-body zipper with dual zipper pulls, draft tubes to prevent heat loss around the zipper, and an insulated hood. It comes with a compression sack for convenient transport.

Available now, each bag from the Selk’bag Star Wars line is priced at $109.

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