Sena SMH10R Is A Specialty Bluetooth Headset For Motorcycle Riders

Using your Bluetooth headset works just fine when you’re using your BMW M.  When you decide to hit the road on two wheels, though, things get a little troublesome with that bulky earpiece getting in the way of your helmet.  The Sena SMH10R seeks to solve this problem.

Designed specifically for motorcycle riders, it bears a form factor that’s smaller and less obtrusive than your standard Bluetooth headset.  That way, you get to don your favorite SpongeBob moto helmet, all while being able to chat with Doris from work about all the crap waiting for you when you get there.  Yeah, there’s really no upside to your life, is there?

The Sena SMH10R is a Bluetooth 3.0 stereo headset that can perform all the usual headset functions like hands-free calls, music playback, and all that good stuff.  To ensure you’re properly heard, it uses an attachable microphone that’s designed to slot under your helmet with the mouthpiece aimed directly at your mouth.  It supports four-way conference intercom, multipoint functions (for use with phone plus GPS device), and distances of up to 980 yards, so you can drop your phone in the middle of the highway and still continue the call until a couple more yards later before realizing your phone is gone (yeah, that last one didn’t sound so good).

Since being on a motorcycle means being exposed to inclement weather, all components of the rig are water-resistant.  Features include an integrated audio booster, 8 hours of talk time, and wind-noise reduction.

Available now, the Sena SMH10R retails for $165.

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