Sennheiser GSP 670 Headset Boasts Stable And Low-Latency Wireless Connection For Gamers


Some people refuse to touch a wireless gaming headset. Others swear by it. If you find the convenience of a wireless gaming mouse a big step up from past years of tethered gameplay, though, then it might be worth considering something like the Sennheiser GSP 670.

A wireless gaming headset, the device brings Sennheiser’s audio expertise and ever-improving gaming chops into a wireless pair of cans, so you can spring up all excited after a challenging game without accidentally dragging the cable out of its port. That means, no more dragging down your PC, watching your headset slam on the ground, and similar dumb accidents resulting from jubilant celebrations – you can now move any way you want without that annoying cable getting in the way.


The Sennheiser GSP 670 uses a low-latency technology the outfit developed in-house, which, they claim, will allow a stable connection that will allow you to hear everything in-game with near-zero delay. We know, “near zero” isn’t exactly the same as perfectly simultaneous, although we imagine any delays will so minuscule, it’s negligible enough that you’re not likely to even notice. Even better, a single headphone can be paired simultaneously to multiple compatible devices, so you can use it with your game on PC and switch it to your phone any time you receive a call.

Sound quality has long been a big selling point for Sennheiser and that doesn’t change here, with the onboard drivers providing a sound the outfit describes as “a warm deep bass without compromising mid-range and high frequencies.” Suffice to say, you can use it to listen to music in a satisfying manner. For gamers, they claim it’s tuned to play all details clearly, allowing you to react to in-game events with better information, all while providing extensive customization with the Sennheiser Gaming Suite software. And yes, it comes with a simulated 7.1 surround option, in case you find that setting helpful for locating directional audio.


The Sennheiser GSP 670 has a noise-cancelling microphone integrated into a flexible boom arm that you can bend at will to adjust at the perfect angle to pick up everything you’re saying. The outfit describes it as “broadcast-quality” and “best-in-class,” which is saying a lot, but given our good experience with their headphones in the past, we’re inclined to trust them. You can also mute the mic by simply lifting up the arm, giving you a way to curse the high heavens without subjecting your friends to all your toxic rants.


To enjoy the low-latency connection, you’ll need to use the included dongle, which is compatible with both the PC and the PS4, with integrated Bluetooth for connecting to other devices, like smartphones and tablets. Battery is rated for 16 hours when connecting to the dongle and 20 hours when holding a connection over Bluetooth, so you can keep it on for a full day of gaming without needing to recharge.

Want one? The Sennheiser GSP 670 is available now, priced at $349.95.

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