SensoGlove Obsessively Tracks Your Golf Grip

Most golf training aids  improve the motion of your swing.    The SensoGlove, on the other hand, enhances a frequently overlooked aspect of a natural swing: a relaxed grip.

Created by German-based Sensolutions, the “digital golf glove” has onboard sensors that measure the level of pressure you have on your grip, alerting you to how well you’re achieving your target force.  Before using, you have to program your desired pressure on a scale of 1 to 18.  Any time you’re not hitting the mark, the system warns you (both via the readout and an integrated audio recording), even going so far as to show you which fingers aren’t doing their part, so you can fine-tune your grip.

The SensoGlove is a high-quality cabretta leather glove, styled like any regular handwear for wrapping your hands firmly around a club.  Four tiny pressure sensors are sewn right on the glove, which sends their readings to a removable computer and 1.2-inch LCD system that attaches to the back.  It performs 80 readings of your grip per second, like an obsessive-compulsive golf coach who won’t let you skip a beat.

Sensolutions designed it as an all-around grip guide, whether you’re practicing your drive at an upscale range, working on your backswing in the backyard or putting at the local mini-golf with your buddies.   Of course, you’ll look retarded wearing gear like this at the mini-golf, but you don’t care.  You’re a badass.

All the onboard electronics are sweat-proof, so you don’t have to worry about destroying it with your clammy hands.  Since the computer/LCD panel is detachable, you can simply buy a replacement glove (sans those components) in case you run through the leather on your last one.

SensoGlove is now on retail for $89 each, with replacement gloves selling for $22.48.  A left-and-right hand package is also available for $132.94.

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