Sensor Mirror Automatically Lights Up When Used

Mirrors should always be strategically placed around the house.  You want it in a place where you can always get plenty of light; otherwise, you could end up missing that booger on the side of your nose or that morsel of food that somehow made its way to your forehead.  The Sensor Mirror solves that, ensuring you get ample light every time you park in front of it to fix up.

Forget setting up your mirror under a bright light, this thing has its own lighting system.  Even better, you never have to turn it on yourself — the mirror will detect when you’re approaching and automatically turn on its onboard LEDs, ensuring you’ll have ample illumination whenever you roll up to fix your hair or adjust your collar.

A small mirror (15.1 inches tall with a reflective panel that’s 9 inches in diameter) designed for bathroom tabletops or a vanity desk, the Sensor Mirror looks just like an ordinary looking-glass.  Like them, it can be tilted to a comfortable angle, so you don’t have to strain yourself getting into position while fixing your eyeliner or something. The bezel surrounding the reflective surface, however, is filled with a bunch of bright LEDs (total 600 lux) that will light up the entire area around the mirror to ensure high visibility.  Of course, it’s also got that hidden sensor that does the job of detecting when your face comes into view.  The entire thing is powered by a built-in battery that you can recharge via USB.

The Sensor Mirror is available now, priced at $200.

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