Sentri Wants To Be Your Smart Home’s Central Hub For All Things Secure And Automated

Sentri is a multi-function device that brings a selection of security and automation features into your home. No separate modules with complicated individual installations — just one device that quickly injects a rich selection of smart home functions out of the box.

As a standalone security device, Sentri can serve as a security camera (it comes with both HD optics and night vision, along with a mic) and a motion detector, with all feeds encrypted using 2048-bit RSA protocol. You can monitor all streams via the accompanying app, as well as receive alerts any time the system detects irregularities in the vicinity. Even better, it can evolve its intelligence over time, so it can learn situations that trigger false alarms, minimizing the amount of alerts you need to dismiss the longer you use it.

Aside from security, it also comes with sensors for temperature, air quality, light, and humidity, allowing it to collect a whole load of information that you can use to monitor conditions inside the house. This information can, of course, be accessed from the app, as well as on Sentri’s onboard display. There’s also an integrated speaker that lets you communicate with people in the house when you’re away. It can be wall-mounted or set on a table with its integrated kickstand.

Using the device’s WiFi and Bluetooth, it can be paired with a selection of home automation devices, so you can monitor everything from just one interface. As of now, it can only work withNestBelkin’s Wemo line of products, Philips Hue, and Lockitron, although they promise to expand to support a wider range down the line.

Kickstarter campaign is currently running to fund Sentri. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $249.

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