Steel Mace: This 13th Century Weapon Is Now A Full-Body Conditioning Tool


Yes, it looks like those weapons used by Persian warriors in the 13th century. Set for Set’s Steel Mace, however, is designed for use in fitness training, which they claim works so well it may just be “the ultimate full-body conditioning tool.”

We’re not entirely sure what you’re supposed to do with it. Do you use it to hit tires like a sledgehammer? Do you wield it like a melee tool and pretend to bash people’s head with it? Whichever the case, it sounds a whole lot more fun than jumping rope, doing burpees, and running on a treadmill, so we definitely want one as an equipment option at the local gym.


The Set for Set Steel Mace combines a lightweight handle with a weighted ball head, giving it highly uneven weight distribution. This is on purpose, by the way, as that difference forces your body to engage smaller stabilizing muscles around the joints, which should help increase an individual’s core and rotational strength. According to the website, you can adjust difficulty during exercises by adjusting how you hold the handle: moving your hands closer to the end makes it more difficult while spreading out your grip with one hand closer to the head will make it easier to balance.


It comes in two weights: 15 pounds and 20 pounds. We know, that sounds paltry. According to the outfit, though, the uneven weight distribution will make it very challenging even for bona fide gym rats, so it definitely looks interesting.

Available now, pricing for the Set for Set Steel Mace starts at $67.

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