Severed Horse Head Pillow: Like In The Godfather, But Cuddlier

If you’ve never seen The Godfather, then you won’t be familiar with the horse head scene.  If you’ve seen The Godfather, then you won’t likely forget that exact same scene, which is easily one of the most disturbing in the entire movie.  The Severed Horse Head Pillow lets you recreate that iconic moment in American cinema without the blood and gore of slaughtering an actual thoroughbred.

Made by Kropserkel, it’s a life-size horse head plushie styled to resemble the black racehorse that Don Corleone had decapitated and placed on the bed of its horrified owner.  Yes, it’s morbid as heck.  Don’t worry, though, it looks about as cute as a decapitated horse head can get, complete with tongue sticking out and an X on its eyes, so it’s nowhere near as unsettling as the original.

The Severed Horse Head Pillow measures a life-like 33 inches from nose to neck and 19 inches in height, complete with synthetic fur and mane, so, in the right light, it could trick folks into looking somewhat like a real horse head.  It can be bought as an empty pillowcase or stuffed with non-allergenic soft polyester fiber fill, so you can just start hugging it while curled up in the sofa as soon as it arrives in the mail.  Can you scare an associate into doing what you want by leaving this in their bed?  Probably not.  Will you wake up happier every morning seeing a goofy-looking decapitated horse head pillow on your bed?  Probably yes.

Available directly from Kropserkel, the Severed Horse Head Pillow (stuffed version) retails for $45.

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