Sewing Kit Wallsticker Decorates Your Walls With Cut-Out Patterns

Who says only cut-out paper craft can be decked in silhouettes of dotted lines and scissors?  Put cut-out  seams on everything you fancy with the Sewing Kit Wallsticker, a do-it-yourself decorative accessory that can give erstwhile dull walls some…uhm… dashes of humor.

Don’t worry, they’re removable (and reusable).  In case dashed lines end up not looking good on your brand new Bugatti Veyron (yeah, in your dreams), you should be able to take the decals off easily without ruining the paint job.   If you’ve been searching for a way to decorate a blank wall in your place, this could offer a viable, low-maintenance solution that visitors are guaranteed to notice.

The Sewing Kit Wallsticker is a 19.7 x 19.7 inch vinyl decal sheet, that includes four scissor silhouettes and 33 feet of dashed lines.  Each of them must be applied individually, so you have a lot of work cut out for you if you’re looking to jazz up something big.  On the flipside, you can turn it out in any shape you like, so you’re literally limited only by your imagination.

Because they’re self-adhesive and come off quickly, we’re guessing this can be a great way to keep kids busy.  Imagine those little critters staying entertained inside a room, decorating your walls all day.  Aaah…peace and quiet.  Make sure the kids aren’t too small, though – they might just end up eating the dotted lines.

Designed by Trine Andersen, the Sewing Kit Wallsticker is released as part of Ferm Living’s self-adhesive wall art collection.  It’s available for $57.50.

[Yliving via Dornob]