Sexy Foot Massage Socks Show You How To Stimulate Your Partner


Want to give your girl a sexy foot massage, but got no idea how to start?   Put the Sexy Love Sox over her feet and learn to push all the right buttons.

Based on the ancient Chinese practice of reflexology, the specially-designed hosiery is designed to guide beginners in the art of massaging your lover’s foot to affect other parts of their physiology.  It comes with a guide that lists instructions and special techniques you can use that, based on the description, sounds like it could work to spice up the bedroom better than a sweet bottle of wine.

The Sexy Love Sox is a one-size-fits-all pair of socks that outline all of the foot’s pressure points in easy-to-understand terms, complete with graphics.  Want to stimulate her erogenous zones?  Oooh, press right there.  Want to get her in the mood for lovin’?  That little spot looks like the one to do it.

Created by reflexology expert Michael Ebbin, the socks are touted to “awaken hidden pleasure points, ignite passion and deepen your intimate connection.”  Yep, it’s a bundle of joy.  Given that people have different sizes of feet, though, I have no idea how they expect this to work for everyone.  What if I’m trying to get her in the mood for instance but I end up stimulating something else that pisses her off? So don’t be shy to share your experiences if you decide to try these this Valentine’s Day.

At any rate, the Sexy Love Sox sounds like an awesome Valentine’s treat.  Even if it doesn’t work, it should make for a fun night of physical exploration.  Amazon has it for $14.95.

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