Shape Up Dumbbell Alarm Clock Won’t Shut Off Until You Do 30 Curls


Back when I relied on an alarm clock to wake me up, I always came to work late anyway. That Stop button was just too easy to press, so I’d get up, turn it off and hit the pillow again. If you suffer from the same malady, you might want to try Shape Up, an alarm clock that requires you to get your blood flowing before you can put an end to its blaring sound.

Shaped like a real dumbbell, you’ll need to grab the bar and do 30 curls before the alarm turns off automatically. That means there’s no way you can reach out for a groggy button push the way you normally do – you’ll actually have to muster enough sense to do coordinated motion and put in a decent effort.

I’m not sure how Shape Up manages to measure the number of bicep curls you do. If it uses an accelerometer, then wouldn’t cell phones be able to do the same thing as well? Quick, iPhone app developers, make me one! Regardless of what it’s doing to run up the count, though, cheating should be pretty hard. That’s thirty freaking curls – you’d probably have to be awake to even do half of that.

If having to do thirty bicep curls doesn’t wake you up, try finding a new job that doesn’t require you to get up early. You’re probably hopeless.

Thanks World Wide Fred