Shaper Origin Desktop CNC Machine Can Fabricate Objects Of Any Size


Unlike other desktop CNC machines, the Shaper Origin isn’t limited to projects the size of its build area. That’s because it doesn’t have one. See, this CNC cutter is not meant to stand still in one place, instead requiring you to move it on top of your material while it cuts, making it a viable tool for both small and large projects alike.

It’s, essentially, a handheld woodcutting tool. You know, like a circular saw, but way smarter, since you can program it to cut any specific shape and have it guide you on which direction to move the machine from a touchscreen mounted on top.  It will also immediately stop cutting when it detects you’ve gone off course, apart from auto-correcting within 1/100th-inch when you only slightly wander off-path.


Shaper Origin is, basically, a cutting robot – one that can take any two-dimensional vector design and help you fabricate in real life. To use, you’ll need to cover the material you’re cutting with the outfit’s tape (called ShaperTape), which the machine uses to memorize every section of the wood, plastic, or soft metal you’re working on. From there, you use the machine to scan the tape-covered material (so it can build a map), enter your design via the touchscreen (you can either choose from onboard storage, a USB drive, or transfer one wirelessly), and get to work.


Features include a 5-inch display, built-in Wi-Fi, a variable speed router spindle, a dust extraction port, and standard cutters, so it should accept most common shank router bits. Each machine comes with two rolls of 15-foot ShaperTape.

Slated to ship September of 2017, the Shaper Origin is now up for preorder, priced at $1,499.

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