If Aquaman Carried A Firearm, It’s Going To Look Like These Shark Gun Sculptures

We don’t know what kinds of gun they carry down in Aqauaman’s hometown of Atlantis, but we will be absolutely devastated if the guards at the Atlantean Royal Palace weren’t armed to the gills with these shark gun sculptures from artist Christopher Schulz.  I mean, could any other weapon be more appropriate?

Combining the deadly killers of the ocean with the deadly killers of the battlefields, these sculptures feature sharks used as bodies for each gun.  He’s got a leopard shark armed as an assault rifle, a blue shark mashed up with an AK-47, and a tiger shark rigged as a Rheinmetall MG3, among others.

Each of the 3D shark gun sculptures are made from stainless steel, with an acrylic glass base for perching on a display shelf.   They come in different sizes, from a small manta ray pistol (14 x 7 x 7 inches) to a huge tiger shark machine gun (68.5 x 18.9 x 21 inches).  These are only sculptures, though (they can’t actually be fired), but I’m sure you can find the real versions if you ever manage to make your way down the depths of the ocean into the Atlantean regions.

Schulz produces several examples of every sculpture he makes (some he makes just 9; others, up to 27), each one signed and numbered to verify authenticity.  Prices vary from $4,000 to $40,000.  They’re currently on display at San Francisco’s CK Contemporary Gallery.

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