This Shark Shaker Lets You Mix The Most Killer Cocktails


Do you like to make cocktails while watching show after show on Discovery Channel during Shark Week? We do. And while you can mix martinis using that awesome Sasquatch Cocktail Shaker, we bet your favorite libations will pack a stronger bite if you make them using this Shark Shaker instead.

Yes, it’s a cocktail shaker clad in the likeness of the notorious marine predator, so you can tell people you mixed that Bloodhound inside the body of a deadly shark. Yes, you’re lying, but you’re, technically, somehow still telling the truth. Somehow.


The Shark Shaker actually consists of an erstwhile regular-looking stainless steel shaker that’s been modified to be permanently encased inside an aluminum shark. Since a shark’s tail and snout now occupy the two ends of the shaker, it can’t be stood vertically on the bar, although you can use its pectoral fins to set it down flush on a flat surface. To use the shaker, you have to first remove the head of the shark, which will reveal a separate shaker lid.   From that point, you just use it like a normal shaker. Well, as normally as you can use one with a shark-shaped body.

Dimensions are 16 x 5.5 x 8 inches (w x d x h), with the shaker able to hold up to 20 fluid ounces of alcohol, ice, and whatever other crap you throw into your cocktails. And, yes, this shaker totally gives you the license to append “Sharknado” to any cocktail you make from this point forward. Manhattan Sharknado, anyone?

Available now, the Shark Shaker is priced at $79.

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