You Can Turn The Sharktooth Multi-Tool Into An Arrow Or A Spear


There are seemingly endless choices in small multi-tools in various form factors. For the most part, though, they bring, pretty much, the same tool set – a screwdriver here, a blade, there, and so on. If you’re on the hunt for something with more exotic function, you may be interested in the Sharktooth.

Sporting an arrowhead shape complete with a pointed tip, you can tie it to a short length of wood for use as an arrow or a long shaft to get yourself a functional spear. Whether you’re hunting small game with a slingshot archer or spearfishing in the ocean, this thing will let you do that like no other multi-tool in the market.


The Sharktooth is, of course, a multi-tool so it comes with functions beyond tying onto the tip of a shaft for use as a thrusting weapon. The inside structure, for instance, is designed to serve as a capable wrench, with the ability to grip six different sizes of nuts, bolts, and pipes, with the tip able to function as a flathead screwdriver. An original micro-tooth saw design is cut on one side, allowing it to achieve clean cuts using a precision fine tooth edge, with the opposite side serving as a straight blade. It measures 1.775 x 0.906 inches, ensuring they won’t take up too much pocket space, with a design that allows it to function as a pendant and even a loop earring. Construction is stainless steel, with an alternate black steel version that’s received an electroplated finish.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Sharktooth. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $19.

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