Use The Sharpal All-In-One Sharpener To Keep All Your Bladed Tools In Tip-Top Shape


What is it and what does it do? That, we imagine, is everyone’s reaction the first time they see the Sharpal 103N All-In-1 Sharpener. Get around to trying out all its different functions, though, and you’ll quickly realize it just might be one of the most indispensable tools you can have with its unique ability to sharpen nearly any kind of blade.

Equipped with multiple sharpening parts, the contraption is designed to accommodate blades of different shapes, angles, and sizes, allowing you to use it with nearly everything, from kitchen knives and axes to pruners and mower blades. If you use a lot of bladed tools, this highly-versatile sharpener should prove to be one of the wisest investments you can make, as you will likely be able to use it to maintain their razor-sharp edges. Seriously, if they just added a way to make this sharpen serrated blades, you probably won’t need any other sharpener in your toolbox.


The Sharpal 103N All-In-One Sharpener has five different sharpening parts located in strategic sections of the tool. The top side of the protruding section, for instance, has a V-notch carbide for sharpening conventional knives, so you can use it for your kitchen blades, your pocket folders, and your survival knife right before camping.  To use, just grab the handle with an overhand grip, insert the blade into the slot at a 90-degree angle, and move it back-and-forth, going from the tip to the heel and back until it’s sharp enough to your liking.

At the bottom front of the same protruding section, on the other hand, is a carbide sharpener for short blades, like those you’ll find in pruners, since it allows you to hold the bladed tool steady while you move the sharpener back-and-forth. Just make sure to apply moderate downward pressure while moving the sharpener to ensure it’s properly in contact with the blade the whole time.


The Sharpal 103N All-In-One Sharpener also has a sharpener for wide bevel blades at the rear bottom of the handle, which you can use for sharpening axes, hatchets, and machetes, along with any other broad blade you have in your stash. To use it, you’ll need to clamp the blade with the edge turned up (or find some other way to secure it in that position), place the V-sharp carbide slot right on top of it, apply moderate downward pressure, and start moving the sharpener forwards and backwards. They recommend gripping the sharpening tool such that the protruding section is in the rear, although you can also hold it in reverse, albeit it might make the movement a little more awkward.


Lastly, the protruding section holds two additional slots at the bottom: a ceramic bar on one side and a carbide bar on the other side. According to the outfit, the way they’re angled make them ideal for using with scissors, chisels, scrapers, hedge shears, and other similar tools that don’t quite work perfectly with the others. An oversized handle allows you to grip it securely even with gloves on, while a hand guard ensures little chance any part of your hand will ever come in contact with the blades.

The Sharpal 103N All-In-One Sharpener is available now.

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