Sharpie Liquid Pencil Can Be Erased For Three Days, Becomes Permanent After

Writing implements have been a pretty well-defined bunch.  You get pencils that can be erased, pens that need whiteout to cover up and permanent markers for drawing doodles on bathroom walls.  Someone decided to muddle up the field with the Sharpie Liquid Pencil, whose markings can be erased like a regular graphite tip for up to three days before it becomes as permanent as ballpoint ink.

Clad and styled like a pen, the writing tool makes the magic happen using a special ink.    Instead of the usual liquids employed in ordinary pens, this one employs what the company describes as “game-changing liquid graphite,” which writes as smooth as a pen yet erases like a lead-tipped instrument.

Twenty years ago, the Sharpie Liquid Pencil would have been all the rave across schools and offices around the world.  Now, we’re pretty sure some folks will still find it useful, although, probably to a much less degree.  I mean, I only ever use a pen for signing stuff and, even then, I find it to be a dirty, dirty detestable chore.

According to the company, the liquid pencil will be available in stores beginning September.  Office Depot’s website has it on retail now, though, priced at $5 for a bundle of two pens and six erasers.

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