Sheepopco: This Bowl Turns Into An Adorable Sheep When Filled With Popcorn


Yes, any large bowl can be a suitable dish for enjoying popcorn during your next movie night. The Sheepopco, though, will probably make it more fun, since the darn thing looks like an adorable sheep once it’s filled with a full load of freshly-exploded kernels.

No, it won’t make “baaa-baaa” sounds to keep you entertained when you can’t find anything good on TV. Instead, what it will do is stand there looking like a beautiful lamb with an inexplicable pirate-style eye patch while it waits for the next time you dig in and shove a handful of popcorn in your mouth.


The Sheepopco is, basically, two bowls. A large bowl that serves as the sheep’s body and an attached smaller bowl that serves as its head, with a quartet of feet serving as the bowl’s stable base. You can fill both bowls with popcorns to create a companion sheep, as well as fill just the body to create a headless one for whatever entertainment it brings your way. Of course, you can also just fill the head if you’re on a diet or aren’t really a fan of the number one snack in the world (source: the guy selling popcorn at the movie theater).


It comes in sets of two, so your sheep bowls don’t have to go through life alone, with each bowl sized to fit half the contents of the standard bag of popcorn you can buy at the grocery store. Yes, they complete each other and all that.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Sheepopco. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $22.

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