Meet The Bike Shelf, A Shelf Rack With A Bike Mount Carved In

Can’t decide whether to use that blank piece of wall for a shelf or a bike mount?  Now you can have both with the Bike Shelf,  a small wall-mounted shelf with a lower half that lets you mount your bike by the frame.

Devised by Chris Bigham, the clever creation offers an elegant way to hang a bike up a wall.  Yes, your bike doesn’t have to sit by the door anymore.  Even better, there are no protruding hooks or screws in his setup – just a sexy wooden fixture that stays usable even when you finally decide that bicycling to work is considerably more inconvenient than just polluting the earth with a car.  Just sayin’.

The Bike Shelf pictured above is made from solid wood (walnut) and is suspended using a solid-steel square rod mount, with studs 16-inch apart.  To provide a place for hanging the bike, Chris carved a wedge right in the middle, sized to fit the top part of the bicycle’s frame.

As you can see, the top can house items like any regular shelf, so you can pile your books, picture frames, toys and trophies on there.  We suppose it would also make a nice place to set down your bike helmet, along with any other accessories you carry when you hit the pedals.

Currently, the Bike Shelf is only available as a custom order.  You’ll have to contact Chris with the size of your bike, along with any requests for wood type and mounts.  Price will depend on each individual order.

[Knife and Saw]