A Pull-Out Shelf Turns The ShelfPack Suitcase Into A Standalone Dresser


Unless you like a mess, it’s always a good idea to take all your clothes off the suitcase and line them up neatly in the hotel room’s closet. Unless, of course, you’re traveling with the ShelfPack, a suitcase that transforms into a standalone dresser.

Armed with a quartet of shelves, it removes the need to take clothes out of the suitcase and, subsequently, pack them back in before you leave, eliminating a boring chore that have saddled travelers for the longest time. Just arrange your clothes right on the shelves before you leave home and all your clothes can be neatly laid out on a dresser mere seconds after you check in at your hotel reservation. No more unpacking, no more sorting, and no more digging for your favorite pair of NBA Legends Socks that you’re 100 percent sure is somewhere in the pile.

The ShelfPack measures 28 x 18.5 x 14 inches, with a volume capacity of 7,000 cubic inches, so it should fit a good load of your clothes, shoes, and gear. Like any good suitcase, it comes with easy-glide wheels and a retractable trolley handle, allowing for easy handling as you make your way through a crowded airport. The big selling point, of course, are the four retractable shelves, which can be pulled up from the suitcase to turn it into a standalone dresser. It even comes with three zippered compartments on the side of the shelves, so you can have a place to store toiletries, mobile gadgets, and other small items.

Pricing for the ShelfPack is set at $350.

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