Finally, Tinfoil Hats That Won’t Make You Look Like A Conspiracy Nut


Whether you’re paranoid about aliens, lizard people, or the Illuminati, wearing tinfoil hats offer a great first line of defense to help allay your fears. Problem is, leaving the house with a tinfoil hat on will make you look like a crazy conspiracy nut and that’s never a good thing. Shield Apparel makes normal-looking stylish headwear that mimic the tinfoil hat’s function, shielding your brain from wireless signals and radiation without making you look like you’ve spent too much time living in your grandma’s basement watching the X-Files on VHS.

Aside from blocking alien transmissions and Illuminati mind control waves, the protective headwear will keep out most types of electromagnetic signals. From cellphone signals to microwaves to waves emitted from electric devices, this thing ensures your brain is adequately shielded from any effects they might cause.


Shield currently has three types of headwear in their lineup: a beanie, a classic baseball cap, and a snapback. All three look like regular hats, with no outward indication of their actual purpose, ensuring you’ll look just like a normal person, despite having your paranoia gear fully in tow. They manage that by sandwiching the signal-blocking layer (a fabric that’s fully coated in pure silver) between two layers of normal fabrics, allowing it to do its job without attracting unwanted attention. Apart from signal-proofing your noggin, all of Shield’s headwear are antibacterial and antimicrobial, so they should be sufficiently functional for everyday use.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Shield’s signal-proof hats. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at £18.

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