Shift Moonwalkers X Brings The Speedwalking Wearable to Commercial Facilities

Shift tried to convince people of the value of walking faster with the original Moonwalkers, which used motorized wheels to add an extra spring to every step you take when worn under your shoes. From what we can tell, it hasn’t really taken off, as people the world over continue to walk at their very average pace. While it may be a hard sell to consumers, maybe having people walk faster can be a more appealing idea to businesses. That’s exactly what they’re doing with the Shift Moonwalkers X.

No, it’s not awfully different from the original skate-like Moonwalkers. In fact, it retains the same general design, which, essentially, makes it look like a pair of oversized sandals with wheels that you can strap on top of your shoes, allowing you to raise your walking speed, regardless of whether you’re wearing sneakers, boots, or any other kind of footwear.

The Shift Moonwalkers X are a modified version of the original robotic shoes that have been tailored for optimal use with smooth floors in indoor settings, such as those you’ll normally find in warehouses, logistics facilities, and distribution centers. This allows commercial establishments to potentially improve the speed in which their personnel can move around on their feet, which should allow for increased productivity, considering that, in many of these places, workers typically take around 30,000 steps per day. It supposedly retains the same capabilities as its predecessor, too, enabling 2.5 times faster walking speed, which, the outfit claims, results in double the productivity gains for the companies that have tested the device.

While there’s no listed speed, we imagine it matches the electronically-limited 7mph of the original, which is fast enough to speed up your walking pace without putting you in danger of falling over. It also comes in a new modular bodywork that, the outfit claims, will allow for easier service and customization, which will likely be needed for workers who need to wear other specialized footwear along with the device.

The Shift Moonwalkers X is lighter than the standard Moonwalkers, coming in a full pound lighter than the consumer version, which should make it even easier to have on your feet while getting around. Much of that weight that it shed comes as a result of the new six-wheel configuration, which is a lot lighter than the previous 10-wheel setup, as well as the magnesium alloy that’s been used for the drivetrain.  It also uses softer wheels that, the outfit claims, allow for better shock absorption, allowing it to dissipate impact when you jump, hop, or perform sudden movements.

Additionally, it runs on an updated software called ShiftOS 2.0, which received a complete overhaul of the AI system that, the outfit claims, makes it safer and more agile when maneuvering. It’s also been specifically improved for movement in close quarters, which would be an important upgrade, considering it’s meant to be used inside busy, crowded facilities.

The Shift Moonwalkers X are slated to ship in July. No pricing is listed, although it’s expected to be more expensive than the original consumer version.

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