Shiftpod2 Gives Car Campers A Comfortable Shelter For The Outdoors


It’s not easy getting comfortable in the outdoors – tents are cramped, the ground is hard, and there’s no air-conditioning in the wild. That’s why, if you have the room for it, bringing proper creature comforts can do so much to make your stay all the more bearable. Instead of settling for a small tent, for instance, why not use something like the Shiftpod2 as your shelter?

Designed to provide a more comfortable shelter for your camping adventures, the tent gives its occupants plenty of space to move around, enough headroom to stand up, and a cooler environment inside, ensuring you can enjoy proper rest while nestled under its roof. Sure, the mere size of the shelter means it won’t be useful to hikers and similar adventurers, but for car campers, music festival attendees, and other folks with the means to bring more gear along, this is definitely a better option than traditional tents.


The Shiftpod2 is a big tent that measures 12 x 12 x 6.6 feet (width x depth x height) when pitched, all while packing into a carrying bag that measures just 76 x 13 inches (length x diameter). Granted, the whole thing weighs 65 pounds, so it won’t be the easiest thing to lug around, especially when you’re carrying other gear. Despite the size, it’s incredibly easy to set up, allowing you get it pitched in under a minute. In fact, the outfit claims their personal record when setting it up is just 17.8 seconds, giving you more time to focus on other activities.

It’s made from a seven-layer composite fabric that uses synthetic down on the inner panels for thermal insulation while sporting a highly-reflective fabric on the exterior. That allows it to block out both heat and light, so the air inside can remain cooler than the temperature outside. Suffice to say, if you’re looking for a respite from the scorching sun, this tent offers a really good place to hide away.


For those times you want to let a little light in (because you’re not a vampire), the Shiftpod2 comes with six windows, as well as two vents, so air can circulate freely. They recommend lining the vents with the prevailing wind direction, by the way, which should ensure the best airflow, so your companion’s smelly fart shouldn’t linger for too long. All windows, vents, and doors, by the way, come with integrated bug screens, so it will keep all those mosquitoes out, despite allowing both light and air inside the tent.


Features include a fiberglass frame with metal hubs, sealed seams for weather resistance, hydrophobic thread so water does not wick through the hull, a water-resistant floor, heavier fabrics at key points for better structural integrity, a central roof pole that can be set up during windy days (it’s not necessary on fair-weathered days), multi-pocket organizers along the walls, and an included rain fly. It also comes with connectors that’s meant to work with the outfit’s upcoming tunnel system, which will allow you to connect multiple units of the tent together.


The Shiftpod2 is available now, priced at $1,299.

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