Horrify Your Mom By Shredding Her Money Using The Shine Dokkiri


If there’s a reason why people don’t save more, we’ll have to guess it’s because it’s way more fun to spend your money. I mean, driving to Cabo, renting a boat, and splurging on drinks sure sounds way more fun than inserting folded bills into a piggy bank. So if you’re going to save more money, we guess making the process more fun can only help. That’s exactly what the Shine Dokkiri does.

A piggy bank for bills, it pretends to shred your money every time you insert one in. As in, you’ll see your money go through an array of blades and come out in the form of cash confetti.  What makes that fun, of course, is the fact that it doesn’t really shred the money, but merely tucks it away in a compartment around the back, so you can pretend to shred money like a baller without every losing any.

While originally designed for Japanese bills, the Shine Dokkiri should work with any similarly-sized currency. You can also pretend to use it to shred anything (just fold it to the right size), from your buddy’s winning lotto ticket to your sister’s college admission letter to the inheritance check your mom received from the lawyer. Yeah, that sounds fun. To use, simply insert the bill unfolded through the opening at the top and watch the transparent area to see it shredded into bits. The cash compartment can hold up to 30 bills at a time.

Available now, the Shine Dokkiri is priced at $29.99.

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