Forget Holiday Sweaters, Rock The Halls In Shinesty’s Christmas Suits


We don’t know if you can get away with wearing these suits to work, but if the dress code simply says “suit and tie,” then you might be able to use that as a loophole to stride down the office in Shinesty’s Christmas Sweater Suits. Hey, it’s worth the try.

That’s right, somebody took the colorful designs from those ugly Christmas sweaters and put them on a full business suit. The result is, of course, just as ugly, but similarly filled with so much holiday cheer that you can’t help but sing Christmas carols and dance throughout the day, as if you entire life was a movie musical, when you’re wearing them. No, seriously, can’t you see these guys just busting out into a rendition of White Christmas halfway through a presentation?


Shinesty tailored three outfits for the dapper gentleman to choose from: Tacky Holiday Tree (red, green, and white with Christmas tree prints), Ugly Christmas Sweater Suit (red suit with snowman and Christmas tree prints), and the Rudolph Suave (blue, red, and white suit, with reindeer and snowflake prints). Each outfit comes with a coat, a pair of pants, and even a necktie, all decked in the same cringe-inducing prints lifted straight out of the bauble-colored knitted sweaters hidden in many grandma’s attics across the land.


Seriously, this stuff looks amazing. If you define “amazing” as absolutely more ridiculous and mind-numbingly more festive than your absurd Panta Claus Pants, that is. Shinesty’s Christmas Sweater Suits are available now, priced at $109.

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