Why Not? Blindingly Shiny Swarovski DJ Headphones

Girls like shiny things.  If you’re going to get them stuff, might as well pick one that has the capacity to blind them when put under bright light.  These Swarovski DJ Headphones will definitely accomplish that.

Designed to facilitate private audio enjoyment in lavish style, the entire exposed part of the headphone’s body is decked in an innumerable amount of Swarovski crystals.  Sure, it looks unnecessarily extravagant, but when did the last sensible gift you gave left anyone thrilled?  That’s right — never.

These Swarovski DJ Headphones are based on the Audio Technica ATH-M50, an erstwhile regular pair of over-the-head cans with “circumaural” ear pieces.  The frame can collapse for easy portability and storage, while both the headband and ear cushions are padded (and, thankfully, spared from the crystal overload).

According to the product page, they’re exactly the same as the base model, except for the “decked in crystals” part, so the “magnificent dynamic sound” the accessory was made for should remain intact.  In case you’re looking for the technical details, the cans  come with 45mm titanium-plated drivers, neodymium magnets, 99db of sensitivity and a maximum input of 1,600 mW at 1kHz.  Cable measures 3.4 meters in length, which should be generous enough for most needs.

Apparently, this was “designed by DJs” who enjoy the extra attention shining objects on their heads receive onstage.  Given the ridiculous headgear a lot of DJs have taken to wearing nowadays, we guess these Swarovski DJ Headphones are actually pretty tame.  Firebox has it available for a swanky £1,799.99.