Shirts Shorts: The Half-Shirt, Half-Shorts Fashion Innovation


Button-up shirts paired with khaki shorts never really was my thing.  I thank God everyday I have at least that much sense.  These shorts, however, seem to be an homage to those that don’t.

I don’t know much about fashion but I do know a quirky and fresh piece of clothing when I see one.  To my less-than-stylish eyes, Phenomenon’s Shirts Shorts look damn cool – trashy but restrained, just the way it should be.

Half-shorts and half-shirt, it looks like they searched for just the perfect pair of walking shorts and a button shirt whose colors and prints clash worse than a trainwreck.  The shirt gets scissored off right around the area where it meets your pants and then sewn right into the form of the shorts.  Voila!

A functional pair of shorts, the top half of the Shirts Shorts look like the bottom of a shirt, with the overall effect feeling like an intentional disaster.  Worn with a tee, it creates a unique look (button shirt under a tee with walking shorts) that makes no sense – Heidi Klum will scream in horror (not that she isn’t always screaming already)!

Only three designs are available right now, with the other two way worse-looking than the one we have above. I imagine 1UglyShirt customers drooling over these right about now.

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[Product Page via Limited Hype]